Join Moral Foundation was made for to be public useful to Lao Society
goal by there are participation to implement and continue to do government
policy. Especially, Lao economy development plan for promote education sport,
nutrition, labor and Social welfare and culture as follows:
1. Build Natural Healing and Natural Nutrition Center (Natural Food)
2. Train about Courtesy, Ethics, Merit and Culture of Lao
3. Train about work professions to who disadvantaged
4. Disseminate about leader and ancestor of Lao video
5. Donate garment for who be shortage, disaster and poor
6. Support about sports for youth for don’t be relate with drug
7. Promote reading by build community society
8. To be help center for orphan and elderly people who Lack of housing


Helping the needy not the selfish one who have deteriorated minds, develop the social service


The Joint Moral Foundation will be the number one charity organization that helps the education, sports, culture, virtue section, labor development, and help the disadvantaged, develop the health section in all parts of the country.

The moral

1). ຍອມໃຫ້ເປັນ ເຢັນໃຫ້ພໍ ບໍ່ຂໍແກ້ຕົວ ແຕ່ຂໍແກ້ໄຂ “ຍຢບຕ
1). Be respect and calm, no excuses but happy to improve.
2). ຈິງໃຈ ໂປ່ງໃສ ໃສ່ໃຈ ມີຄວາມຮັບຜິດຊອບ “ຈສປມ
2). Sincerely, transparent, responsible

Administrative Committee Board​

1. ທ່ານ ສຸວັນນະພອນ ພົມສະຫວັດ
1. ທ່ານ ສຸວັນນະພອນ ພົມສະຫວັດ
2. ທ່ານ ມະນີວົງ ເທບສະຫວັນ
2. Mr. Manivong THEPSAVANH
3. Miss Sengchan PHOMASAVATH


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